Management, Marketing
& Public Relations

  1. Marketing / Public Relations

  2. Band-Management

  3. Planning / Organisation

  4. Homing / Conceptional Ideas

  5. Eventorganisation

  6. Booking / Aquise

  7. Infrastructure-Manageent

  8. Councelling

  9. Press Releases / Social Networks

  10. Coachings

  11. Website-Administration

  12. Tour-Management


You are the only creator of your life

Acknowledge, say YES to your current situation, as bad it may be.

Stop blaming, make it conscous and stop it. The blaming thoughts are totally wrong.

Say YES to ALL your emotions and feelings.

Make a CHOICE, no matter what happened in the past (...make PEACE with your past)



We come into work every
day to help you succeed.

Management, PR and communications is all about building a secure future for your business and ideas, and at TIME-VISIONS <<<<, we use traditional Management and PR skills, social- and media expertise to provide services for you!

Our aim is to help you build an outstanding reputation for the things you do best. Our services stretch across different cultures, provided by specialists with direct access to the people you need.  From Webdesign, Online-Marketing, Youtube-Videos to traditional press conferences and billboard advertising, we’ll help you to talk to the people that matter.

The focus of TIME-VISIONS<<<< lies on the combination of creative influences from the world of music, different life-styles and the arts.

Qualities such as distinctiveness, individuality, spontaneity and internationality stand for TIME-VISIONS and the cultural heritage.  TIME-VISIONS strives to develop further by supporting common values. These common values can be summarised with four ideas:

Passion, openness, self-confidence and entrepreneurship.

The aim is the development of potentials!

Musicians, artists and people who also operate meaningfully and prudently shape and accompany the processes of TIME-VISIONS. Thanks to this group of visionaries our philosophy can emerge. For it is those people and their actions who realise innovative, living and lasting ideas with TIME-VISIONS.

Charities, helping people to help themselves and the support of personal self-awareness are important means to realise our projects.

TIME-VISIONS <<<< is a creative and responsible action for more justice and peace in the world.


Art, Education & Social Engagement



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